Installation of Piping

Vinly Tiles Installation

Wiring Installation

Supply and Installation of plastic curtain

Installation of new manhole

Fabrication of Panel

Parking Lot Rehabilitation Repair of Roofing

Building Renovation

Bulk Supply of Miniature PC Board Relay

Bulk Supply of LED Strip Light

Installation and Area Presentation of Customized Metal Grating

Bulk Supply of Electrical and Electronic Items

Supplied and Installed Electromagnetic Flow Meter in 4 Areas

Bulk Supply of Mitsubshi Products / Electronics,

Bulk Supply of Various Process Control Valves

Cabinet and Lavatory Works

Supply Installation of Cabinet

Supply Installation of Transaction Window

Repair of Under Ground Fire Pipe Leak

Construction of Container Van Pedestal Footings

Fabrication of Brewery Canopy

PWD Ramp

Supply Installation of Roll-up Door

Under Ground Leak Repair of Pipe

Renovation of Cr

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